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The River City Big Band is one of the premier jazz organizations in Edmonton, Alberta.


Our members all share a common enthusiasm for big band jazz.  The music we perform spans from the classics of the big band era through to the modern repertoire of today.


In addition to getting together to play for the sheer exhilaration of making music, we perform in a variety of settings throughout the community including jazz festivals, featured concerts and with guest artists, private functions and school events.


Raymond Baril
Thank you for the memories       
The River City Big Band is sad to announce that Raymond Baril is completing his time
with us as conductor and musical director.
Ray has been a true friend of the band as our history together goes way back.
Over the years Ray has:
  • played with the band on saxophone and clarinet
  • executive producer of our first recording, Just Friends
  • began conducting the band with a guest performance featuring recording
    artist Carol Welsman in 2016
  • and for almost a decade has provided musical guidance and repertoire
    development which has really helped the band on its 
    continuing quest for
    improvement and growth.
Ray has been instrumental in broadening the musical horizons of the band, and you, our audience. We will be forever grateful for the leadership he has provided.

Ray, on behalf of the band, thank you for your contributions to our organization. You have been a driving force for the betterment of River City Big Band. Thank you from all of us for years of musical, passionate leadership!
- River City Big Band
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